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About Kipekee

Kipekee provides interior designs for varied types of projects including corporate and housing sector.

Kipekee is equipped with Interior designers, Project Managers as well as a Marketing department with over 15 skilled designers.

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients and to translate their ideas, tastes and personality into distinctive interiors which far exceed their expectations. Our professionalism and attention to details ensures smooth operation of every project till completion. Time management coupled with resources and people management are the key components of Interior design and our people handle these with ease.

Kipekee Creations owns a work shop that caters for all design needs. The company also specializes in décor ideas for your living rooms's curtains, soft furnishings, dining, hallway, kitchen, bathroom and the garden. The design division is skillfully managed to efficiently handle resources with minimal cost hence cutting down on wastage to better competitive pricing in the market.

Some of the challenging and prestigious projects that Kipekee has undertaken are an outcome of effective planning and management of time and resources; Shopping Malls, Commercial buildings and residential are the type of projects completed by the company. As a result there is a long standing relationship between the company and the clients after the completion of the projects.

Kipekee has its show room at Imara Daima Estate, off Mombasa road with a branch office at Fedha estate Junction at Anchor house.



Building concepts, architectural influence, finishes, color and texture.

Building documents

Comprehensive construction plans and working shop drawings for millwork.


Budgeting, management, planning and scheduling.


We have one of the only in-house millwork shops in the area.

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